1791 Gunleather offers new leather gun belt models

1791 Gunleather offers new leather gun belt models
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The Gun Holster Belt series features two models — Classic Brown, bottom, and Stealth black, top. (Photo: 1791 Gunleather)

New leather gun belt models are making their way onto 1791 Gunleather’s lineup, with the company announcing the Classic Brown and Stealth Black.

The Gun Holster Belt series utilize full-grain, 14-ounce American heavy native steerhide leather. The leather is not sanded, only tanned and dyed. The leather is reinforced to offer a durable contact point for heavier pistols and revolvers. The company says the belts will no stretch, snag, split or break.

The belts come equipped with Chicago stainless steel screws for a reliable hold in addition to an easy-to-use stainless steel roller buckle.

The Gun Belt Holster is reinforced in order to handle the weight of heavier pistols and accessories. (Photo: 1791 Gunleather)

“When you invest in a handgun, its important to choose a strong, purpose-built belt designed to spread the weight of your gun over a wide area,” 1791 Gunleather CEP Ramiro Romani said in a news release. “With lower-quality belts the weight of a holstered weapon can take a toll and cause sagging. 1791 Gunleather Gun Belts 01 offer just enough flexibility to remain strong, secure, and comfortable.”

Measuring 1.5-inches in width, Gun Holster Belt sizes range from 32/36 to 48/52. The Gun Holster Belt is available from 1791 Gunleather featuring a price tag of $59.

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