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We will host your giveaways each month and promote them to our subscribers. Grow your email subscriber list with opt in subscribers. Viral giveaways are the number one way to grow an email subscriber list. We charge a monthly fee of $175 and we will actively promote your giveaways on our network. Complete the following monthly subscription for $175.

Purchase a Featured Store Listing

The featured store listing is a great way to tell our members about your store. You’re allowed 2 links within the content and an additional link to your home page.  You can edit your listing at any time to cater to your current needs. For example if you are having a sale on all ammo for Black Friday. All listings are submitted to google for indexing immediately when posted.

Featured Store Listings are $100 listing fee plus an additional $20/mo which includes the following

  1. Promotion on social media
  2. promotional spots in our newsletters

Banner slots

  • Above all deal posts ($150/mo)
  • Below all deal posts ($150/mo)
  • Sidebar 350×350 Banner ($150/mo)

Deal of The Week

Deal of The Week is displayed on every deal page in the sidebar.  We will feature your listing in that slot. We also send out a weekly opt-in subscriber e-mail where we will also share your deal with our growing list of subscribers ($150/mo)

E-mail us if interested in banner slots or Deal of The Week. Click here.

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