Big Apple Digital Infrared Laser Guided Temp Gun


Big Apple Digital Infrared Laser Guided Temp Gun
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Big Apple Digital Infrared Laser Guided Temp Gun

The Big Apple Digital Infrared Laser Guided Temp Gun instantly and accurately measures the temperature inside your animal’s enclosure, basking spot or plant growing area. This non-contact handheld thermometer uses infrared technology with a built-in laser pointer to increase target accuracy while the handy buttons combine for convenient, ergonomic operation. Most infrared thermometers can be easily damaged but our unique design incorporates the most rugged outer casing available in the infrared thermometer industry.The large LCD can be backlit with the click of a button for taking measurements at night or in areas with low background light levels.
A separate button quickly switches between Celsius or Farenheit and while this unit includes an automatic hold feature for easy reading it also provides a button for continuous scanning of surface temperatures.
This model is specifically designed to take accurate readings of almost all types of surface applications.
Providing a 5:1 distance to target ratio and a temperature range of 0° to 400°F (-20 to 200°C) this device is a must have for the reptile enthusiast, plant grower or RC (radio control) hobbyist.
The Big Apple Digital Infrared Laser Guided Temp Gun has many applications but is especially useful when measuring surface temperature of objects which are difficult to reach or unsafe to contact as well as to measure hot spots in electrical panels and equipment.

Price: $23.99
(as of Jul 08,2018 06:17:52 UTC – Details)

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