DPMS Oracle 5.56mm 16in 30rd Mag Semi-Auto Rifle

$419.00 $599.00

DPMS Oracle 5.56mm 16in 30rd Mag Semi-Auto Rifle
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  • Built to bridge the gap between the Sporting and Tactical markets, this introductory level carbine features a 16″ light contour barrel.
  • Also includes an A3 Upper receiver with Picatinny Rail, heat dissipating GlacierGuards and a collapsible, six-position Pardus buttstock.
  • The flat top A3 upper allows the shooter to mount the optic of their choice on the Picatinny Rail.
  • The Pardus stock makes this carbine comfortable for any shooter. All of this and plenty more, at a price set for any budget.
  • Overall Length 32.5″/ 36.5″
  • Weight is 102.4oz
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