FAB AK to AR Stock Conversion GL-CORE CP & 6 Position Tube Stock Conversion

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FAB AK to AR Stock Conversion GL-CORE CP & 6 Position Tube Stock Conversion
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The GL-CORE is our newest addition to our line of buttstocks.

The GL-CORE incorporates an integrated cheek weld, ergonomic buttpad and interchanging tube adapters, that provide an unmatched fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes.

The CP version includes an additional Cheek Rest, designed to support the use of different optics and holographic sights on the AK and VZ platforms.


  • Ergonomically shaped rubberized butt-pad for quick shouldering and easy maneuvering of the weapon
  • Interchangeable buffer tube adapters for a tight fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes
  • No Rattle!
  • Integrated cheek weld in an overall compact and sleek design
  • No protruding parts, will not get caught on gear or webbing
  • Inversed positioning lever will not open accidently
  • Two integrated quick detach rear sling swivel connectors
  • Additional, three positions adjustable Cheek-Rest
  • Made of durable and light-weight fiberglass reinforced polymer composite
  • Available in Matte Black, Olive Drab Green or Flat Dark Earth


  • Buffer tubes, in Commercial or Mil-Spec diameters
  • AK, VZ and shotgun platforms, on the AR platform, the CP may obstruct the use of the charging handle when the buttstock is fully collapsed, for use with an AR platform, we recommend removing the CP

Now you can upgrade your stamped or milled AK stock with a collapsible stock.

The tube is made of extremely strong mold polymer and designed to strongly fit AK. This tube is more user friendly than the original form, no Gunsmith required to install it.


Tube Features:

  • 6 position tube stock conversion
  • Made of extremely strong mold polymer.
  • Strongly fit to the AK.
  • Buttstock distance locks tight & well secured.
  • Major influence for stability.
  • Much more user friendly than the original form.
  • No gunsmith required • Mill-standard • Warranty: 10 years
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