Honeywell debuts Bluetooth-enabled and AM/FM Sync earmuffs

Honeywell debuts Bluetooth-enabled and AM/FM Sync earmuffs
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The Sync Wireless, left, and Sync AM/FM Radio earmuffs are Honeywell’s latest entry into the hearing protection sector. (Photo: Outdoor Wire)

Honeywell launches two new Sync wireless earmuffs, bringing Bluetooth and AM/FM capabilities to its ear protection lineup.

The two Sync models — one equipped with Bluetooth, the other featuring AM/FM radio — offer a comfortable headgear solution to those frequenting the range. The Sync Wireless provides users with a bluetooth equipped earmuff offering passive noise attenuation with a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 decibels.

The Sync Wireless pairs with mobile devices in addition to offering a boom microphone for answering phone calls. Utilizing a lithium ion battery, the Sync Wireless serves up over 16 hours of operation. The Sync Wireless offers a red and black design with a retail price of $153.

The Sync AM/FM Radio earmuffs tout a 25 decibel noise reduction rating, all the while giving users the opportunity to jam out to the radio. Decked out in either Hi-Vis Green or Black, the Sync AM/FM provides auto search tuning paired with 10 customizable station pre-sets and volume memory.

For users wishing to forgo the radio for Spotify or Apple Music, the earmuffs ship with an external 3.5mm AUX jack and cord. Featuring 100 hours of battery life, the Sync AM/FM ear pro retails for $92 for the black model and $104 for the green.

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