Lancer shows off a new aerial .308 plus more at SHOT (VIDEO)

Lancer shows off a new aerial .308 plus more at SHOT (VIDEO)
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Lancer Systems introduced the new L30 Aerial Interdiction Rifle, or AIR, at SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas. A company rep told that the design was built at the request of “several different agencies looking to fill a couple of specific roles.” In particular, those agencies were looking for a lightweight and short large caliber rifle that they could utilize in the confined space of a helicopter or close quarters.

Lancer filled this request by taking the L30 receiver set, shaving down as much material as possible, adding lightning cuts to the rail, resigning their flared magwell using Delron material, and adding a RCA Titanium bolt. When they were done they had shaved nearly 2 pounds from the upper. Utililizing Ballistic Advantage government profile barrels the L30 A.I.R. will be available chambered in 6.5 Creedmore and .308. Retail price around $4,000.

Lancer also introduced a new Modular Handguard, which will ship later in 2019. This is basically a two-piece rail system that allows the user to remove part of the rail to access accessories like suppressors and other muzzle devices. It also lets the operator use the firearm without a suppressor and without having the muzzle blow apart the hand guard.

Finally, for those who love the Lancer line of magazines, Lancer introduced a new line of safety magazines designed specifically for use with training ammunition like UTM and Simunition.. These magazines prevent the user from inserting them into the firearm with live ammunition. This will hopefully prevent many if not all training accidents caused by shooting live ammo in training. These bright blue translucent magazines are available now for agencies and training facilities.

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