Lethal Threat Women’s Shirt (Guns And Roses Burnout (Grey))(Black, Medium), 1 Pack



Lethal Threat Women’s Shirt (Guns And Roses Burnout (Grey))(Black, Medium), 1 Pack

Lethal Angel guns N roses burn out t-shirt lethal Angel t-shirts are made for you Pucker up doll, you make Skulls look sexy. Wear this fierce shirt with your Leggings and motorcycle boots for maximum impact. That lovable feeling the roses give off and the badass side that the Skulls give, this is the perfect shirt for those who are nice but become powerful after you pull the trigger. A lethal Angel is strong willed, independent always ride or die. Keep up don’t keep her down our fitted women’s shirts are 100% cotton, with our own All over skull burn out pattern. This shirt features cutting edge artwork from lethal AngelFitted women’s tank top
100% cotton
With our own all over Skull burn out pattern
Features cutting edge artwork from lethal Angel designs

Price: $25.19
(as of Aug 08,2018 19:05:56 UTC – Details)

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