Powertac Red Flashlight Filter fits Warrior and Hero


Powertac Red Flashlight Filter fits Warrior and Hero
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Powertac Red Flashlight Filter fits Warrior and Hero

This red filter from PowerTac can be used with the Hero or the Warrior flashlights. The red light is used in most cases, to enhance without harming night vision. It provides great contrast while not being visible to the human eye over long distances. Red light cuts through smoke better than white light and, with the exception of red lines and marks on maps and charts, it makes reading in low, or no, light possible. Police and military units like the red LED for night operations because it will not interfere with night vision technology and cannot easily be picked up by other people.Can be used with the Warrior or the Hero flashlights
Enhance without harming night vision
Provides great contrast

Price: $16.00
(as of Oct 08,2018 06:50:00 UTC – Details)

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