Ready Gunner Buys Popular Gun Instagram page for 65k

Ready Gunner Buys Popular Gun Instagram page for 65k
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The growing company Ready Gunner has been a firm competitor in the firearms niche for nearly a year now expanding into online sales and social media.  We’ve recently caught wind that the company has purchased an Instagram page  for a “drop in the bucket” price-tag of $65,000.  Boasting 1.3 million followers, that seems like a great deal!

It comes as no surprise as the company has teamed up with some of the largest Instagram influencers including @TheManSpot and @Daily_Badass (Rylan) who is one of the leading niche influencers.  Rylan has been doing social media work for Ready Gunner for a couple months now and has taken their social media to a whole new level.

Ready Gunner has been scooping up firearm related pages to use as power house promotional tools to sell their products and it seems to be working.  However, with the constant rejection of firearm related content by Instagram and Facebook, we wonder if this is a risky move for Ready Gunner.  Would you drop 65k on a page knowing it could be gone tomorrow based on Instagram’s hostility against anything gun related?  Keep in mind, Facebook owns Instagram.

I’ve seen some pretty clever marketing techniques arise from Ready Gunner and the latest being their AR-15 Monthly Gun Club where you can subscribe to get parts each month to build an AR-15 rifle.  Pretty smart concept for those who can’t fork out the cash in one scoop.  The idea was so well received that other companies decided to follow suit and do the exact same thing pretty much verbatim but I can say I saw it at Ready Gunner first.

With Instagram memberships on the rise, I only expect it to get more intense with more rules and regulations obtaining to firearms.  Recently, I’ve seen a handful of large pages with 300k or better disappear never to return.  I hope this would never be the case for anyone who drops that kind of coin on a gun related page.

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