Silencerco Hk Vp9 Threaded Barrel 9mm 1/2×28

$144.99 $148.99


Silencerco Hk Vp9 Threaded Barrel 9mm 1/2×28

Now only $144.99 down from $148.99!

SilencerCo’s threaded replacement barrel is everything you need to convert your 9mm HK VP9 to accept a silencer or other muzzle device. Precision machined to factory dimensions, the SilencerCo HK VP9 replacement barrel has 1/2"-28 muzzle threads compatible with most 9mm pistol suppressors. Fits 9mm chambered HK VP9 with 4-1/2" barrel 1-10" RH rifling 416R stainless steel With the SilencerCo HK VP9 threaded replacement barrel, you can easily upgrade your pistol for use with a wide variety of popular sound suppressors (muzzle brakes and comps, too). Mfg: Silencerco

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