SILENCERCO – MAXIM 9 SUPPRESSED PISTOL 9mm 4.38″ 17 Rd – $1260 shipped after code “MDK”

$1260 Shipped $1499


At Last! A Normal-Length Pistol With Built-In Sound Suppressor

The innovative SilencerCo Maxim 9 comes with a silencer built right into the pistol, meaning you no longer have to tolerate the extra weight and length of a pistol with suppressor mounted to it. No more choosing between keeping your pistol as short as possible and enduring deafening sound or adding a silencer and dealing with the extra length.

Surrounding the Maxim 9’s 4.38″ barrel is a unique baffle system that allows you to remove individual baffles from the suppressor area to shorten the gun’s overall length by 1.2″. Even in its short configuration, the SilencerCo Maxim 9 is safe to shoot without hearing protection when using subsonic ammunition. Also, there are no ports or vents in the barrel, so a bullet fired from the Maxim 9 travels at its normal, full velocity.


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