Springfield Armory 911 .380 Acp Bi-Tone Pro-Glo Sight

$529.99 $564.99


Springfield Armory 911 .380 Acp Bi-Tone Pro-Glo Sight

Now only $529.99 down from $564.99!

Built for convenience and concealability, Springfield Armory’s 911 in .380 ACP with Pro-Glo sights is a dandy little concealed carry pistol that is nearly undetectable under your clothes. Sporting all the familiarity of a full size 1911, this diminutive hand canon has a low profile to ensure a snag-free draw. The lightweight 7075 T6 aluminum frame and black Nitride or stainless 416 steel slide measure 5.5" long and less than 4" high, with a snag-free profile that’s undetectable under clothing. Just as impressive is the crisp 5 lb. trigger pull with a short reset. To keep the 911 manageable, the frame is optimized in proportion to the slide and trigger while Mfg: Springfield Armory

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