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Weatherby Inc. Vanguard S2 Carbine 20in 223 Remington Matte Blue 5+1rd Now only $479.99 down from $537.99! THE FASTEST, FLATTEST SHOOTING RIFLES on the ...

$479.99 $537.99 GO TO DEAL

Ruger 10/22 Synthetic Carbine Rifle 22lr 18.5in 10+1 Now only $224.99 down from $256.99! Ruger's 10/22 .22-cal. Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifles are America's ...

$224.99 $256.99 GO TO DEAL

Ruger 10/22 Standard Carbine 18.5in 22lr Blue 10+1 Now only $222.99 down from $256.99! The Ruger 10/22 rifle is America's favorite .22 LR rifle, with ...

$222.99 $256.99 GO TO DEAL

In this episode of TFBTV, James talks about his 5 favorite SMGs/Pistol Caliber Carbines from SHOT Show 2019. There were a LOT of new pistol caliber carbines ...


In this episode of TFBTV's SHOT Show 2019 Industry Day at the Range coverage, James interviews the guys from American Tactical about their new Galils. source


In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves looks at the 10 best selling rifles and shotguns of Summer 2018. These results were taken from a survey of over 300 ...


With an explosion of pistol-caliber carbines hitting the market over the past few years, Angstadt Arms stands out at the forefront with the UDP-9. The ...


The Vengeance pays homage to WWII veterans with scenery from the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Photo: Auto Ordnance) Auto-Ordnance adds the Vengeance Custom ...


The special edition Lyman Sharps Carbine commemorates the 140th anniversary for Lyman. (Photo: Lyman) Lyman Products’ commemorative Lyman Sharps Carbine. ...


A Remington Defense R4 series platform (Photo: Remington) Big Green announced this week that they have been awarded an unspecified contract for ...


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