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Mgw Sight Pro Sight Mover Now only $279.99 down from $429.99! Main Sight Tool - Now comes with the 30 degree pusher block for Glock and HK sights. A must ...

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Kimber Mfg. 1911 Pro Cdp Ii 9 Mm 4in 9mm Stainless/Blue 7+1rd Now only $1029.90 down from $1179.99! This Kimber Pro CDP II is a great mid-sized 1911 in ...

$1029.90 $1179.99 GO TO DEAL

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the Hudson H9. The Hudson H9 is well known and has attracted a lot of attention as a result of its super-low ...


The engraved K6s Classic Revolver pairs rosewood grips with ornate engravings. (Photo: Kimber) Kimber added a little spice to its K6s Classic Revolver ...


Introduction John Browning would be proud if he could see how Kimber has improved his basic design since it first saw action in 1911. The Kimber Gold ...


The LG-952 Lasergrips give Kimber K6s revolver users the power of a red laser. (Photo: Crimson Trace) Crimson Trace will release a second set of Master ...


Enter to win a Kimber K6s First Edition Revolver by Clarksville Guns! Value: $1,800 Deadline: 11/23/2018

Kimber Micro 9 STG Kimber Micro 9 STG View Reddit - View Source


Underwood extreme penetrator with Kimber Micro 9 in background View Reddit by boostedb1mmer - View Source


Enter to win a Kimber Stainless Raptor II Pistol by Calguns Foundation! Value: $1570 Deadline: 2-28-2018

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