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Zediker Publishing The Competitive Ar-15 Book Now only $19.99 down from $31.99! Compiled and edited by Glen D. Zediker, 300 pages, photo illustrated, ...

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Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy Order Of The Arrow 20in 44 Magnum 44 Special Blue 10+1rd Now only $1029.90 down from $1174.99! This special rifle commemorates ...

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Galco International Ultra Deep Cover Holsters Now only $53.99 down from $69.60! The U.D.C. is made with the rough leather side out, providing excellent ...

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Galco International Scout Holsters Now only $51.99 down from $66.40! The open top, combat-style Scout is rough side out to provide additional stability. ...

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Galco International Small Of Back Holsters Now only $68.99 down from $90.40! For extended comfort, especially for gun carriers who spend the day on their ...

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Crossfire Elite, Inc. Pulse Now only $29.99 down from $39.99! The Pulse is a low-profile conceal-carry holster.This holster is fully-ambidextrous and can ...

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Brownells The Art Of Engraving Now only $34.99 down from $48.99! THE ART OF ENGRAVING brings to the reader - for the first time ever - a complete, ...

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Thanks to our sponsor, Dollar Shave Club, new members click here to get their 1st month of the Executive Razor ... source


Pretty soon every bar and nightclub will have have Billiard and Bullets tables. Bulliards for short. My new camera ... source


Demolition Ranch Tees here! Comes with a free hug if I catch you wearing it. ... source


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