The Glock evokes a lot of emotion from the TFB community. It's amusing. You have people who are Glock haters, many times because the Glock is the “Toyota ... ...


In August 2018 Ivan, from Kit Badger, headed out to a press event with Sig Sauer. There he was able to put in some time with Sig's new P320-M17. The pistol ...


The contract was awarded for a handgun sight to be used “for rapid day and night pistol target engagements in confined spaces, while prisoner handling, or ...


Trijicon Red Dots are life. Trijicon Red Dots are life. View Reddit - View Source


The Trijicon MRO™ (Miniature Rifle Optic) is a sealed miniature reflex sight intended for use on rifles, carbines and shotguns to provide fast target ...

$393.00 $493.00 GO TO DEAL

NOVESKE N4 INFIDEL RIFLE Be the first to get your hands on Noveske's newest Cerakote color, tiger eye brown. This N4 Infidel, the cornerstone of our rifle ...

Complete Package for Mounting a Powerful, Versatile Red Dot Sight To Your Rifle or Shotgun The Trijicon MRO / Radian Mount Kit contains everything you need to ...

$483.00 Using Discount MAZ $578.45 GO TO DEAL

Gives Fast, Precise Close-Range Accuracy on Any Firearm The Trijicon RMR RM09 Adjustable LED red dot sight is a tough little reflex sight that’s big on ...

$429.99 $602.00 GO TO DEAL

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