True Precision Barrels Blast into the Market with a Bang

True Precision Barrels Blast into the Market with a Bang
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True Precision Match Grade Barrels

Blasting into the market with threaded 9mm M&P Shield barrels, True Precision caught the firearm community off guard.  A new light was lit as it shined brightly on these threaded, dimpled barrels.

The simple fact that they offer so many color options and both threaded and non-threaded is what set them apart from the others. The Spectrum Rainbow barrel is a hot color option that grabs the attention of both male and female shooting enthusiasts.

All of the barrels are machined with increased chamber support, improved speed ramps and tolerances which make them “match grade”.  If you wanted to use them in competitions, perhaps you could do that.

True Precision released a great product to the market and the community reacted as such demanding barrels for other makes and models such as a full size M&P and the ever popular Glock.  True Precision followed through and now offers a lineup of Glock 17, 19 and 43 barrels along with full size M&P barrel options.

The company quickly gained traction as they partnered with other reputable companies like Rainier Arms who saw the potential in these barrels where you can now purchase them.

The barrels retail from $169 up to $209 depending on the make and model you want.  We also found a discount code you can use if you purchase one on the True Precision website.  You can save an additional $10 at checkout!

We spoke with Jimmy, one of the owners earlier this week and he mentioned other future plans for True Precision branching out into new territory.  I can’t reveal what that is just yet, but we are super excited about what he had to say!

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