Winchester/Olin Corporation 70 Super Grade 7mm-08 22" Bl/Wood

$1072.99 $1253.99


Winchester/Olin Corporation 70 Super Grade 7mm-08 22" Bl/Wood

Now only $1072.99 down from $1253.99!

Since its introduction in 1936, no other bolt-action rifle has inspired the same level of passion among dedicated marksmen as the Winchester Model 70. The Super Grade version of the legendary rifle adds details like a grade IV/V walnut stock for beauty to match the time-tested performance. If there were a single feature responsible for the Model 70’s popularity, it would be the classic pre-’64-style controlled round-feed and claw-extractor bolt design. The massive claw extractor secures the cartridge’s base, exerting full control until it’s fully ejected. This time-proven design allows an unfired cartridge to be extracted even if it is not yet fully chambered. The M.O.A. T Mfg: Winchester/Olin Corporation

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