Xf-7 Industries Xf7 Weapon Lubricant

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Xf-7 Industries Xf7 Weapon Lubricant
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Xf-7 Industries Xf7 Weapon Lubricant

Now only $6.99 down from $11.99!

Field-tested in extreme heat and bitter cold to stay where you put it. Prevents the build-up and adhesion of stubborn fouling, so it wipes right off. Provides continuous protection in temperatures up to 500deg F; short-term protection up to 600deg F plus, withstands high cyclic rates of fire in full-auto weapons. Will not wash off in fresh or salt water making it the ideal lubricant for missions around marine environments. Handy, 15cc syringe dispenses lubricant exactly where you want it without drips or runs. Safe for rubber or polymers, doesn’t attack common metal finishes. Lubricant is non-toxic, non-staining and contains no Teflon. Mfg: Xf-7 Industries SPECS: Resealable syringe applicator, 15cc.

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